Dental Sedation Medications and Options to Consider for Your Treatment

At Riverbend Family Dentistry, our priority is to ensure patient comfort. We know that many people dread going to the dentist. For most, this dread comes from fear of pain and discomfort during dental treatment. However, we do our best to comfort patients in our care not only by providing complete education on treatments and what to expect but also with sedation medications.

We offer a few sedation options for dental patients at our practice. Find out more about these sedation medications and which may be most beneficial to your dental treatment experience.

What to Expect From Dental Sedation Medications and Options

Dental sedation is the use of medications in order for patients to obtain comfort during dental treatments. There is a common misconception that dental sedation means not being awake during dental procedures. However, patients who choose to utilize dental sedation options are able to safely remain conscious during procedures yet still attain an appropriate level of relaxation.

Dealing With Anxiety at the Dentist – Nitrous Oxide

Anxiety surrounding going to the dentist is completely normal. Fortunately, there are even sedation options available for the simplest of dental procedures. For example, dental cleanings are necessary every 6 months for preventative care and maintaining good oral health. If you’re a dental patient that deals with anxiety when it comes to even get your routine dental cleanings, nitrous oxide is a good sedation option to consider.

Some of the benefits of choosing nitrous oxide as a dental sedative medication include:

  • Helping to make patients more comfortable during longer procedures or cleanings
  • Reducing the reaction of the gag reflex
  • Quick wear off time meaning patients can drive home after using this type of dental sedation
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety surrounding dental appointments and procedures

For More Invasive Procedures and Severe Anxiety – Oral Sedation

If you and your dentist decide that heavier sedation may be more beneficial to your treatment plan, oral sedation may be the best option for dental sedation. Oral sedation medications can vary to provide minimal or more extreme sedation, depending on the patient’s needs and dental treatment. It allows dental patients to completely relax and be comfortable during treatment, even during more invasive procedures.

Typically, oral sedation medications are given in pill form to be taken sublingually(dissolved beneath the tongue). In most cases, oral medication is taken prior to dental treatments to provide anxiety relief before patients even sit in the dental chair.

Oral sedation may be the right option for patients who:

  • have a significant amount of treatment
  • have an unusually sensitive gag reflex
  • experience high levels of stress or anxiety surrounding dental appointments or treatments
  • don’t mind not remembering their time at the dentist
  • can get a ride home after dental appointments or procedures

Riverbend Family Dentistry – Helping People With Anxiety Get Dental Care

Here at Riverbend Family Dentistry, we want to change the way that people experience dentistry. We understand that patients may have had previous experiences with a dentist which may not be enjoyable. So, we go above and beyond to ensure that each of our patients receives the comforting care they deserve.

Talk to us further about how we strive to make our patients comfortable during their time with us by use of dental sedation medications. And, talk to us about the options available for your next dental visit. Contact us through our website or give us a call today at (561) 701-9700.