Choosing Dr. Austin Mautner as Your Smile Makeover Dentist

Not happy with your smile? A smile makeover dentist is a dentist who offers a number of cosmetic dentistry services in order to create a brand-new, beautiful smile for patients who are wanting to improve the look and/or functionality of their teeth. But, why choose Dr. Austin Mautner or any of the other great dentists at Riverbend Family Dentistry for your smile makeover needs in Jupiter, Florida? Find out what cosmetic dental services are available for complete smile makeovers and why the dentists at Riverbend Family Dentistry are the ones you can trust for your smile makeover.

Some of the cosmetic dental services that can be a part of your smile makeover may include:

Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Do you have discolored, yellowing teeth? Many people struggle with keeping their teeth the bright, shining color they desire. And, at-home whitening options may not be enough to get the white smile they want. Plus, at-home options aren’t the best way to approach teeth whitening as they are not monitored by a dentist and could actually lead to long-term damage to existing teeth. Professional teeth whitening from a cosmetic dental specialist allows for the whitening of teeth in a professional setting. This allows for the safe practice of dental whitening that can provide you with the whiter teeth you desire.

Before professional teeth whitening, a cosmetic dentist will check your teeth in order to identify if there are any dental issues that need addressing before whitening can be done safely. Then, if you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening, you’ll have a treatment plan to determine what whitening option suits you best. We offer numerous levels of whitening from at-home premade kits to our amazing Kor in-office whitening system. Feel free to call and discuss or simply ask us at your next dental appointment.

Addressing Spacing and Positioning of Teeth

When teeth are crooked or spaced, this is not only an aesthetic issue, but it’s also a functional issue. Spacing amongst mal-positioned teeth can cause bite problems that can lead to cracked teeth. It may also affect the ability to clean the teeth and lead to gum recession or gum disease. So, it’s important to address these issues as they can end up endangering the health of your teeth. Fortunately, we can help by providing easy-to-use spacing and alignment correcting treatment like Invisalign. This type of treatment involves getting custom-created plastic trays that are designed to fit your teeth perfectly. Each tray (or aligner) will push slightly on your teeth and move them into the desired position. So, not only does this treatment protect your teeth from any misalignment issues that can cause damage, but it also transforms your smile – providing perfectly straight teeth that you can showcase with pride. An additional bonus is that the aligners can be used as custom whitening trays.

Addressing Missing or Cracked Teeth

Having missing or broken teeth can greatly impact a person’s confidence. Fortunately, there are a number of cosmetic dental options that can help to fix these issues and bring back the teeth that are missing or restore the ones that are affected. Depending on the issue that needs addressing, some cosmetic dental options to fix these problems can include dental bonding, crowns, veneers and/or implants.

To find out the best cosmetic dental treatment to address your missing or broken teeth, you can talk to Dr. Austin Mautner or the other cosmetic dental associates at Riverbend Family Dentistry.