What are Dental Veneers? Uses, Treatment Process, and Care

If you are wanting to improve the function or look of your smile, you may be wondering about dental veneers. But, what are dental veneers, who are the best candidates for this type of cosmetic dentistry service, and what can patients who get veneers expect when it comes to continual care of this type of dentistry solution? If you’re considering veneers as a cosmetic dentistry service, you’ll need to know all of the answers to these questions, so keep reading to find out.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin pieces of cosmetic tooth material that are placed over natural teeth in order to provide a new look. They can help to improve the appearance of teeth by covering small gaps, misalignments, yellowing, and chipping of natural teeth. The most common material used in dental veneer treatments is porcelain, which is a popular choice as they last longer than other options.

Who are Good Candidates?

If you’re considering veneers as a cosmetic dental option to utilize in order to upgrade your smile, it’s important to consider whether or not you may be a good candidate for this service. Veneers are a great option for people wanting to address tooth issues like:

  • slight misalignments of teeth
  • chipping of teeth
  • discoloration and yellowing of teeth-
  • small gaps in between teeth
  • cracks in teeth

While veneers can help to address a number of aesthetic issues with teeth, they are not right for everyone – at least right away. People who may not be considered good candidates for veneers are people who:

  • have tooth decay
  • are experiencing active gum disease
  • have teeth that are broken or missing.

If these issues are addressed with appropriate dental treatments and teeth are considered healthy by a dentist after treatment, veneers can then be considered as a cosmetic dentistry option once again.

What Can One Expect From the Application Process?

Getting dental veneers happens in two stages:

  1.  Sizing, tooth color identification, and sending measurements to the lab for veneer creation
  2. Delivery of the dental veneers

During the first visit, your dentistry specialist may clean your teeth in order to identify the perfect color that’s right for your dental veneers. Then, make adjustments and measurements of your teeth to ensure that your custom-fitted veneers will fit perfectly. Finally, your dentist will send the specifications over to the lab so that your veneers can be created.

During the second veneer appointment, your veneers will be applied. This typically doesn’t require any dental sedation, but if you’re worried or have more dental sensitivity than normal, numbing creams and/or novocaine sedation can be applied. Once the dental veneers are applied, you can be on your way and enjoy your new smile.

What Does Proper Care Entail?

Once you have your dental veneers, there are some things you should know about taking care of them. Taking good care of dental veneers can help to lengthen their lifetime. Some of the things you can do to ensure you take the best care of your dental veneers include:

  • brushing your teeth at least twice a day
  • flossing your teeth at least twice a day
  • using a toothpaste with fluoride

Getting Dental Veneers From Riverbend Family Dentistry

Do you think you are a good candidate for dental veneers and want to take advantage of the benefits of this type of cosmetic dentistry solution for yourself? Riverbend Family Dentistry, located in Jupiter FL, offers porcelain dental veneers for people who are good candidates for this cosmetic dentistry treatment. Find out more about our cosmetic dental services and our veneer treatment from our website.