Turning Digital: New Dental Radiography Used in Dentistry

Digital dental radiography was once known only as x-rays. They are used for a number of different dentistry techniques. Often, they allow dentists to determine an appropriate diagnosis and the best course of treatment action for various different dental problems. However, some people may be unaware of the safety of dental x-rays or may not realize how important they are to oral health.

What Is Dental Radiography?

Your dentist will use dental radiography for a number of reasons. Some of the issues your dentist may request to get an x-ray of your teeth may include situations like:

  • Identifying where and how serious dental decay is
  • Ensuring healthy tooth development
  • Inspecting the health of teeth roots
  • Checking for bone density surrounding teeth
  • Identifying periodontal disease
  • Assessing and promoting dental health

The Film X-rays of Yesterday Vs. Digital Dental RadiographyTurning Digital: New Dental Radiography Used in Dentistry

When most people imagine x-rays, the chances are they think of picture film images traditionally featured in movies and TV shows. Digital dental radiography, on the other hand, is the future of x-ray technology. It gives us much more to work with compared to the old film x-rays. Some of the benefits of digital dental radiography include:

  • Around 90% less radiation exposure than film x-rays!
  • Digital monitors that make images easier to read – allowing for better patient education and more accurate diagnosis
  • Give the option for the fast and easy sending of images to other medical professionals and establishments
  • No harm to the environment with no chemical waste – traditional x-rays are not recyclable
  • No development time which means immediate image viewing and diagnosing
  • Colored, 3D, and clear images with the option for zooming. This can help in the early identification and treatment of dental issues, saving money, time, and pain

Are Digital X Rays at the Dentist Safe?

Undoubtedly, radiation exposure is one of the best advantages of the new technology of digital radiography. Exposure from traditional x-rays has long since been known for radiation exposure. However, with digital radiography and the technological advancements it brings, there is a reduced health risk. While there is still a small amount of radiation to take digital radiography images, the radiation pinpoints to only the treatment area. This allows for up to 90% less radiation exposure. Goodbye to the days that the dental team member taking the x-ray has to leave the room to take the x-ray!

Getting Digital Dental Radiography at the Dentist

Wondering if digital dental radiology can help give you more information about what’s going on with your oral health? At Riverbend Family Dentistry, we utilize the best in dental x-ray technology, including digital radiology. If you’re looking for the best in dental x-ray technology and oral health services, call our Jupiter office today at (561) 701-9700. We look forward to assisting you with your oral health needs!