What’s a FAGD Dentist and What Does That Mean for our Patients?

Here at Riverbend Family Dentistry, our team keeps patient care as their priority. Our dental specialists are highly trained and experienced to provide the best patient experience. That’s why our dentist, Dr. Austin Mautner, is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD). This means that he’s in the top 6% of dentists in the country recognized as one of the best in the field.

But, what does this mean for our patients and what they can expect from our practice?

The Qualifications of a FAGD Dentist

To be recognized as a FAGD dentist, one must qualify according to standards provided by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). These qualifications include:

  • Completion of 500+ hours of post-secondary learning
  • Have 350+ of the post-secondary learning hours be in live, classroom settings
  • Pass a difficult, 250-question exam comparable to board certification examinations

Once hours are met and the examination is passed, dentists who qualify are awarded as a FAGD dentist at an award ceremony by the AGD.

What it Means for Our Patients to Have a FAGD Dentist

Typically, only about 5 dentists in each state receive the award to become an FAGD dentist every year. This means that FAGD dentists are some of the best dentists on the planet. And, that patients of these dentists can rest easy knowing that their dental specialist is highly educated, trained, and practiced in what they do.

When you choose a FAGD dentist, you choose a doctor who you can trust to provide quality dental care to you and your family. Furthermore, you choose a dentist who can educate you on your dental treatment and care needs to guide you on the path to optimal oral health.

FAGD Dentists are Current

One of the many benefits of choosing a dental practice with a FAGD dentist is knowing that your dentist is equipped with modern knowledge within the field of dentistry. FAGD dentists are required to stay up to date with new techniques, treatments, and research that can affect dental care. Furthermore, FAGD dentists practice these new techniques in classroom settings so they can implement these new applications for their patients. Therefore, providing the best, current practices to offer the best possible dental care.

Dr. Austin Mautner, FAGD Dentist at Riverbend Family Dentistry

Riverbend Family Dentistry is proud to acknowledge one of our dentists, Dr. Mautner, as a FAGD dentist recognized by the AGD. This title means that our patients can expect only the best from our dental team and practice when under the care of our dental professionals. Learn more about our passionate, dedicated dental specialist team right from our website.

Need quality dental services from a dentist you can trust? Contact Riverbend Family Dentistry today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Mautner, our FAGD title dentist, today.