Help! I Lost My Filling! What to do About a Lost Filling

It can be frightening and even overwhelming when a filling falls out or you come across an issue with a filling. Whether you’ve had for a while or just got it, losing a filling is something that you need to address right away. But, what should you do if you experience a lost filling? And, why does this happen?

First Thing’s First – Don’t Panic

It’s common for people who’ve lost a filling to panic and feel overwhelmed by the thought of losing a filling. But, it’s important that, if it happens, don’t let it worry you too badly. Having extreme amounts of stress regarding a lost filling can just make the issue worse. So, if you do lose a filling, remember to calm down and that you do have options for treatment. Your dentist can help you to address the issue, refill the filling, or provide another treatment method that can help to resolve the issue and protect the health of your teeth.

The Causes of Losing Fillings

What causes a filling to fall out? There are a few things that can lead to losing fillings, and understanding these circumstances can help to prevent them from happening. Or, allow you to identify how you may have lost a filling if it’s already happened. Some of the causes of losing fillings can include:

  • grinding of the teeth (usually at night while asleep)
  • trauma to the tooth that had the filling.
  • further decay of the tooth that the filling was in.
  • fracture of the enamel supporting the filling.
  • using teeth to open or chew on hard foods (candies, nuts, etc.)

Sometimes, losing a filling is just something that is beyond your control. Certainly, you can try to prevent losing fillings by eating less acidic foods and not using your teeth to open or chew hard foods/items. However, it’s often something that just happens as the result of time or a situation that’s out of a person’s control. So, if you do lose a filling, it’s important to know that it is not something that you’ve done intentionally. And, it’s something that can be fixed.

Why Fixing a Lost Filling ASAP is Important

Losing a filling can leave the decayed area of the tooth exposed. This can lead to bacteria building up, which can lead to further decay. Furthermore, having a loose filling can sometimes leave a tooth less secure, so it can lead to breaking or cracking if this tooth is used to continue eating or drinking. Finally, losing a filling, as it can expose decayed and underlying tissue of teeth, can be rather uncomfortable and even painful. All these issues are good reasons to consider getting a filling that’s been lost to be repaired immediately.

What You Can Do Immediately

Can’t get to the dentist right away? There are some things you can do about the uncomfortability and useability of your teeth that are missing fillings. Some things to consider include:

  • swishing warm salt water to remove bacteria
  • chewing on the other side of your mouth
  • use over-the-counter pain medications and ice packs if there is pain
  • numb the affected area with over the counter gel solutions
Treatments to Help Fix a Lost Filling

When you can get to a dentist, there are a few options that you will have for treatment. The treatment that will be used to fix a lost filling will depend on the reason your filling came out. For example, if there is more decay of that tooth and that’s the reason the filling came out, you may need a more advanced treatment in order to address this decay. Some of the treatment options that can help to fix a tooth that’s lost a filling include:

  • refilling of the cavity with a new filling
  • creating a crown
  • root canal and crown
  • tooth extraction and dental implant

Riverbend Family Dentistry Can Help if You’ve Lost a Filling

Need a dentist in Jupiter, Florida to help with a lost filling? Riverbend Family Dentistry can help you when you’re facing a dental emergency. We’ll make sure you understand the issue, your treatment options, and how to prevent losing a filling in the future. Learn more about our dental treatment services and how we can help on our website today.