Cosmetic Bondings

Cosmetic bondings can help enhance the shape and color of your natural front teeth in cases where tooth structure loss is very minimal or the affected areas are small. They are often one of the most cost-effective cosmetic procedures to transform the look of your smile.

Cosmetic bondings are a non-invasive procedure that adheres a composite resin which matches the shade of your natural tooth to the surface of your affected tooth.


What Should I Expect At My Visit?

 A thorough examination is needed to weigh the pros and cons of cosmetic bondings versus porcelain restorations such as crowns, bridges, or veneers. Our dentists at Riverbend Family Dentistry are great at discussing these options with you and catering a treatment plan to suit your needs and desires.

If you and your dentist decide cosmetic bondings are right for you, many patients will whiten their teeth to their desired level of white prior to the cosmetic bonding procedure, as the bonding will match the shade of the adjacent teeth.

The day of your visit, a cosmetic resin which matches your adjacent teeth will be adhered to your tooth. The material is then hardened with a curing light. The area is then adjusted and polished.


What Should I Expect After My Visit? 

You should be able to return to normal activity immediately after your visit. 

When properly cared for, cosmetic bondings can last for many years. Healthy oral hygiene will promote the longevity of the bonding, as well as avoiding excessive forces on the bonding (think ice cubes, tearing open packages, or cutting fishing line/thread (South Florida problems!), etc.). 

The cosmetic bonding will not discolor overtime, unlike your natural teeth which will become discolored from coffee, wine, tea, and other food. If you experience discoloration or poor matching over time, you can simply whiten with over the counter whitening products or discuss options with us.

Check Out Our Work!

To view a before and after, simply hover the cursor over the middle icon; slide to the right to view the before photo and slide to the left to view the patient’s results.

Cosmetic Bonding Case

After experiencing trauma on the two front teeth, two aesthtic bondings were completed to build back the broken tooth structure. The entire procedure took less than 30 minutes with no need for local anesthetic.  The patient was very pleased with the results.

Cosmetic Bonding Case

Excessive wear and decay were noted around the patient’s existing bondings. The patient was also unhappy with the appearance of the teeth.  The decay was removed and the bondings were replaced with cosmetic contouring and blended margins to give the new restorations a very natural look.

Cosmetic Bonding Case

Following a brief period of clear aligner treatment (Invisalign) to establish a proper bite and enhance aesthetics, cosmetic bondings were completed to rebuild missing tooth structure.

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