Cosmetic Crowns

Dental cosmetic crowns are tooth restorations that are used to replace or restore damaged or missing teeth. This can restore your smile or give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Porcelain crowns can repair a single tooth, multiple teeth (including the entire mouth), or can be used with dental implants to fill a space.

We use metal-free, porcelain crown restorations. Porcelain restorations offer a wonderful combination of strength and durability, while also being highly esthetic.

Cases that work best for cosmetic crowns include:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Pitted teeth
  • Heavily discolored teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Reposition teeth or alter the bite

Cosmetic Crowns Provide Natural Results With Every Application

Dental crowns are a secure way to restore the structure of teeth while also improving the way they look. This means not only will they function as they should, but they will also look completely natural and match the appearance of your other teeth. Here at Riverbend Family Dentistry, we ensure that each cosmetic dental crown treatment we provide offers completely natural-looking and functioning results. This allows for an even greater cosmetic result for the teeth you need to be repaired or upgraded.

During the application process, our porcelain ceramist ensures that cosmetic crowns are perfect by modifying the crown by layering esthetic porcelain to customize the shade, shape, and overall appearance of each crown for every unique patient in order to provide a completely natural look. This means that cosmetic crowns are a great choice for anyone who wants to restore or upgrade their smile – even on front teeth, teeth that are severely damaged, or for those who want to restore a number of teeth with a great aesthetic outcome.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Crowns

There are a number of benefits for choosing crowns for both dental restorative and cosmetic needs or wants. Some of the pros of choosing dental crowns include:

Strength: Since crowns use layers of porcelain to protect teeth, when used, there is improved structural integrity. This means that crowns are resilient and able to withstand daily function for many years to come without concern.

Decreased Dental Treatment Concern: As crowns are made of strong porcelain and adhered to using high-grade dental cement, they work to completely protect underlying teeth. This allows for a reduction in further dental issues like decay, giving patients peace of mind that their restored teeth are at less risk for future issues.

Natural-Looking: Those wanting a high-quality dental restoration can depend on crowns to provide the aesthetic and natural look they want for their smile. Porcelain crowns are color-matched to look completely natural next to your other teeth. Therefore, giving crown patients the confidence to not only use their teeth for daily function but show off their smile.

Insurance Coverage: Unlike other cosmetic dental options, cosmetic crowns may be covered under the cost of your dental insurance plan. Especially, if they’re used to restore teeth that are experiencing any dental health issues including cracking or decay. This allows people who want to utilize this mostly permanent and customized dental restoration solution to be able to more easily afford it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect At My Visit?

If you’re experiencing issues with a damaged or missing tooth, call our office to schedule an appointment with us so we can create a customized treatment plan for you based on your concerns.

At your initial crown visit, the dentist will painlessly administer anesthesia. The tooth is then reshaped to allow room for the crown to fit over it. We will then take an impression of the tooth and bite using our iTero® digital scanner. This scanner not only offers an amazing amount of precision fit with your crown or bridge but also avoids the less comfortable putty impression materials. Most patients are happy with us shade matching in the office. However, because we use high-quality, local labs, you also have the option to go to the lab for custom shade matching. Your impression will be digitally sent to the lab for 3D printing and milling. At this initial crown appointment, we will create a comfortable temporary restoration for you and schedule your final appointment to simply deliver the final permanent restoration.

What Should I Expect After My Visit?

A temporary restoration is solid and capable of withstanding chewing forces. It is, however, held in place with temporary material so that it can be easily removed for placement of the permanent restoration. While you have the temporary restoration, we recommend avoiding sticky foods (such as gum) as well as carefully flossing around the tooth, so that the tooth does not come loose or dislodge. If flossing the site, do not pop the floss back out around the temporary crown. Simply pull it out the side carefully without putting lifting forces on the temporary.

It is normal to have slight sensitivity around the injection site or tooth that was worked on after the procedure; however, most patients report no or minimal pain that goes away within a few days.

Can Crowns Only be Used for Restorative Purposes or Can They be Used for Aesthetic Uses?

While dental crowns are a great option for people who are experiencing dental issues like large cavities and misshapen or cracked teeth, dental crowns can also be a great solution for cosmetic dentistry purposes. Those who aren’t happy with the shape, function, or shade of their teeth can also benefit from cosmetic crown restorations. So, those with dental aesthetic concerns about their teeth may wish to consider cosmetic crowns as an option to improving the look, structure, and functionality of their teeth as well.

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To view a before and after result, simply hover over the middle icon cursor;
Slide the cursor left to view the before photo and slide the cursor to the right to view the patient’s improved smile results.

Before Image After Image

After years of enamel erosion and tooth wear, this patient was ready for a new smile. Using highly esthetic, all ceramic Emax crowns, this patients lower teeth were restored to their original beauty and function.

Before Image After Image

This patient was extremely unhappy with the wear and discoloration of his teeth. Porcelain cosmetic crowns were utilized to give him an amazing new smile that he can be confident about.

Before Image After Image

This patient received “best smile” in their high school senior superlatives. After 20 years of excessive wear from grinding and erosion, he came to us very unhappy with his smile. His  smile and bite were restored with a full arch of cosmetic crowns.  We were happy to be apart of getting him back to his best smile!

Before Image After Image

This patient came to our office unhappy with an older metal containing porcelain crown. These older crowns can many times display darkness at the gums and are prone to fracturing of the porcelain. Uneven gum lines were also noted. Laser surgery to contour the aesthetics of the gums was performed and the existing crown replaced with a new all ceramic, metal free crown. Notice the healthier appearance of the gums and the natural look of the newer porcelain.

Before Image After Image

Following decades of patchwork dental care which the patient stated had failed numerous times, she was interested in a longer lasting and aesthetic option. With the use of four all ceramic crowns on the front teeth, we were able to correct the discoloration, treat the dark spacing at the gums, and establish a natural looking smile.

Before Image After Image

Years of wear, erosion, and failing dental work were corrected with all ceramic crowns. Not only did we succeed in rebuilding the wear and failing previous dental work, but the patient was incredibly happy with the look and feel of his new smile.

Before Image After Image

This patient was unhappy with her previous dental work which showed dark metal margins, crowding, and yellowed unaesthetic crowns. Her smile makeover was completed with crowns and bridges with a conservative approach restoring only the upper front teeth.

Before Image After Image

After trauma to the patient’s teeth on their right side, she had asymmetry of her gum and teeth. With the combination of gum surgery to lengthen the height of the left side to achieve symmetry and porcelain crowns and veneers to restore the patient’s teeth, she now has a beautiful, symmetric smile.

Before Image After Image

This patient was unhappy with a his significantly worn and discolored teeth. A smile makeover was performed using all ceramic crowns and veneers to achieve a very natural esthetic result.

Before Image After Image

This patient had a history of severe wear and crowded front teeth. She was unhappy and self conscious about her smile. A smile makeover was performed using Invisalign to correct the crowding followed by esthetic all ceramic crowns and veneers to restore the worn teeth. She loves her new smile.

Before Image After Image

After decades of wear and tear on older generation porcelain crowns, this patient came to us with missing back teeth, fractures, and the hopes for a new smile. Using a combination of crowns and implants we were able to bring this patient’s smile back to life.

Before Image After Image

This patient had been unhappy with his smile for quite some time. He finally decided he wanted it fixed and trusted us to help him It’s amazing to see the transformation that Invisalign and cosmetic crowns can offer!