Gum Grafting and Recession Coverage

Gum recession can affect even healthy mouths. It can be a result of over brushing, gum disease, previous orthodontic treatment, a misaligned bite, clenching or grinding, trauma, or even misshapen tooth anatomy. Whatever the cause, it can be fixed.

After determining the cause of the recession and treating that, the recession can be covered. A few options exist to allow recession coverage. Traditional approaches such as gum grafting exist and are still needed in some circumstances. These approaches work well but often times are a bit more uncomfortable because they may require both a donor site and a recipient site. 

Benefits of Gum Grafting Surgery:

  • Can reduce further recession and bone loss
  • Improves esthetics of your smile
  • Can cover exposed roots to protect from decay
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity


Modern techniques, when applicable offer more patient comfort. Newer grafting techniques involve alloderm (acellular dermal matrix). This material helps to prevent the need for a second surgical site and has gained traction as the preferred method of recession coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect from a Gum Graft Procedure?

After your consultation with one of our dentists to discuss whether gum grafting and/or recession coverage is right for you, we will schedule your appointment. With special instruments and a gentle touch, the gums are lifted onto the tooth, and collagen or alloderm is used to thicken and stabilize the area. Sutures may be placed.

What Should I Expect After My Visit?

As the area heals the surgical site will be very delicate. Great care must be taken to avoid trauma to the healing site. This includes a liquid diet for the first 24 hours followed by a very slow introduction to foods over the course of the following few weeks.  Foods must be softer than scrambled eggs for a minimum of 1 month. Also, brushing the area is prohibited initially and after the recommended time can only be brushed with a super soft post-operative toothbrush. More specific instructions will be given on a case-by-case basis.

If you are concerned about your recession, call and schedule a consultation to discuss your treatment options.

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